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So you like games. Here at Razer, so do we! But the thing is, sometimes games can get expensive (really really expensive if you’re adding up all the skins and mods and DLCs). So that is why we came up with Razer Cortex: Deals. A one stop solution to getting the best deals, lowest prices and biggest savings on all your favorite games.

No one has time these days to trawl through all the game stores just looking for that 1 game. But if you don’t, you’re missing out on some great deals if you only buy your games from one place.

And that’s where Razer Cortex: Deals comes in. Razer Cortex: Deals is a price aggregation platform which crawls through all the top digital game stores to bring together all the best prices for games. Where do you come in then? Well just kick back, relax and wait for the notifications (and savings!) to come rolling in. So not only does Razer Cortex: Deals saves you time, it also saves you money!

So what’s this blog for then? Well join me, RΛZΞR | Joyyride, as I bring you the best gaming deals and latest gaming news right here every week.

How To Get The Best Deals

Create your Wishlist by adding games, or simply sync an existing one from Steam, Gamers Gate or GOG.com and you’ll be on your way to paying only the lowest prices for any game.

Once a game on your Wishlist is on sale, we’ll send you a notification so that you’ll never have to miss a sale again. You control the kind of notifications you want to get and we’ll do the rest.

Always on the go? Download the Razer Cortex mobile app (available on Android and iPhone) to get price notifications right on your phone!

How To Discover The Best Games

Not sure where to start? Check out our Editor’s Picks, the best games exclusively selected by our very own Razer staff every single day. From AAA games like Fall Out 4 and Grand Theft Auto V to Indie titles like No Man’s Sky and Blackwake, there’s always a good mix of games you want and games you never knew you wanted for you to explore.

Interested in the biggest new and most talked about games of 2017? Check out our New & Noteworthy to keep up to date on the latest games. What’s more, add them to your Wishlist and get notified once they’re available!

So what are you waiting for! Get started exploring Razer Cortex: Deals today!

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