Top Games of E3 2017

June 23, 2017 | Deals Discover, E3, Game Reviews

E3. One of the gaming world’s biggest events. Originally a business conference, this year’s convention opened its doors to the public and we were right there for all the action. From new games to exciting booths and panels, E3 once again lives up to the hype as one of the biggest video game conferences in the world.

Didn’t manage to head on down? Check out our exclusive coverage of the best PC games that caught our eye this year.

1. Anthem

A co-op multi-player shooter is a familiar scene in today’s gaming world. So how does Bioware’s latest offering hold up against hard hitters like Destiny and Mass Effect 2? In Anthem, you play as a “Freelancer”, a sort of half hired hand, half explorer tasked with protecting humanity and advancing into the unknown. In typical Bioware fashion, the graphics more than live-up to the hype, but the action may need some fine tuning. While the jetpacks were interesting, especially for the exploration aspect, the combat may otherwise be repetitive.

Ultimately, the success of Anthem is still left to be proven as hopefully more info will be released closer to its Fall 2018 release date beyond our brief glimpse at E3. In the mean time, there are more than enough shooter games in my library to keep me busy.

2. Strange Brigade

Though better known for the Sniper Elite Series, Rebellion games are taking a step into the supernatural with their new offering, Strange Brigade. Playing like a zombie title, reminiscent of Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, Strange Brigade is a campier, more light-hearted journey of old adventure movies, complete with a 1930s newsreel announcer voiceover to narrate over the action. Playing as one of four heroes, explore ancient ruins and battle a menagerie of mythical creatures in this fun action game. If you enjoy the sillier, old school aspects of Indiana Jones, this is exactly the game for you. Personally I’m looking forward to Strange Brigade as a title which doesn’t take itself too seriously yet still entertaining enough to explore with its unique setting and variety of monsters.

3. Far Cry 5

From Africa to the Pacific islands to… modern day middle America? While the Far Cry series is better known for its exotic locations, the latest installment of the series brings us to a more familiar place, though not any less hostile. Instead of despotic rulers or pirate lords, here we have Father Joseph Seed, leader of  a far-right doomsday cult. While Seed and his followers go around “liberating” the people of Hope County, Montana (read: killing), it’s your job to save these citizens and free the area.

Like its predecessors, Far Cry 5’s shooter action and open-world concept is it’s main draw. From its top-notch gunplay to the familiar hunting, crafting and healing, the game is familiar yet refreshing enough to still keep players interested. Another new introduction to the game would be its companion feature where you get to choose a partner for your adventure. Choose from a pilot, a gun for hire and a dog, all with their own skillsets to help you along.

If the game’s price tag is a far cry away from what you can afford at the moment (see what I did there!), just add Far Cry 5 to your Wishlist to make sure you don’t miss any launch day sales!

4. Destiny 2

Ah Destiny 2, one of the biggest games coming out this year and we here at Razer are more than excited for it (we even have an upcoming range of Destiny 2 peripherals!). Destiny was an excellent game and Destiny 2 is taking something great and making it even better. The dynamic opening of Destiny 2 doesn’t hold back any punches. We see our heroic Guardians losing everything to laser fire and destruction as they fight for their survival. And with Destiny 2 on PC, the action is more thrilling than ever. At a higher frame rate and 4k display, graphics are bigger, brighter. All this lends to a more immersive game that compliments the enhanced narrative of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 deserves a place on my watchlist after the play through we got at E3. September 6th can’t come any sooner and I’m definitely making sure I have it on my Wishlist.

5. Call of Duty :WWII

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of FPS games. However, I’m an absolutely sucker for WWII settings. Which means that this installment’s War mode is perfect for me. Call of Duty goes back to basics in WWII. There’s no super soldiers or parkour enemies ambushing you from buildings. Instead, you get old-fashioned warfare with just soldiers, guns and in your face shootings. War mode however is where the game truly shines. Moving away from the set maps of its predecessors, CoD WWII’s War mode adds an expanding environment. This ties in with the new mode’s objective based gameplay where teams defend or attack different objectives.

The new elements to the latest addition of the Call Of Duty franchise makes sure that there’s something for everyone, fans new and old. From the familiar Deathmatchs to the new War mode, I’ll definitely be adding Call Of Duty: WWII to my Wishlist to catch all the multi-player action.

Special Mention: Detention

E3 is not just about triple A titles and we explored the indie scene to bring you our favorite finds. One game that I stumbled upon this E3 is the Asian atmospheric horror, Detention. Veering away from the cheap jump scares and gruesome monsters, this game capitalizes on its setting for chills. A haunted high school sets the scene and you’re a trapped student who must escape the horrors of evil.

In essence, Detention explores your deepest fears through its excellent storyline. The narrative is supplemented with historical elements and Asian folklore, providing an intriguing, unfamiliar experience. Ultimately, the game excels by capitalizing on its uniqueness. The foreignness of the setting and overall atmosphere, from spooky soundtrack to creepy graphics all make the game a chilling experience. As a result, you never know what’s coming next.

If you’re sick of the blood, gore and cheap scares of the mainstream horror genre, definitely give Detention a chance.

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