Gamescom 2017 Must Watch Game Trailers

August 25, 2017 | Annoucement, Trailers

Though the biggest gaming event in Europe is almost over, there’s been some amazing announcements and trailers at this year’s Gamescom. First up, we got some introductions to upcoming games like the Assassin’s Creed/Final Fantasy XV crossover. Next, we tried out games from the industry’s biggest publishers like EA and Activision. But ultimately, what always gets us excited, would be the game trailers!

With cinematic masterpieces to thrilling gameplay videos, this year’s Gamescom offerings did not disappoint. Check out some of our favorites below!

1. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Although we’ve already gotten a look at the latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise a couple of months ago, the latest trailer released at Gamescom diverges from a mere gameplay video. Instead, we’re treated to an emotionally charged cinematic scene. From the rise of empires to the fall of rulers, familiar historical figures like Cleopatra and Caesar accompany the player on this open-world adventure.

Assassin’s Creed Origins drops on October 24th and it’s never too early to add it to your Wishlist!

2. Jurassic Park Evolution

Ever felt like you could manage a dinosaur park way better than the people in the Jurassic Park movies? (It’s not like their benchmark was very high to be honest…). Well here’s your chance! Test your skills in managing rampaging reptiles and theme park guests all in one. Though the trailer revealed at Gamescom doesn’t contain any actual gameplay yet, it definitely checks off the familiar Jurassic Park elements. A terrifying T. Rex, guest attractions and an inevitable crisis scored to the familiar Jurassic Park theme definitely makes this a game to be played.

3. Fe

Fe comes with a trailer too gorgeous to ignore. An indie offering from the EA Originals Project, the surreal and gorgeous aesthetic transports you to a breathtaking universe. In Fe, you play as a little fox cub, exploring the world around you. Going beyond a simpler puzzler, Fe immerses you into the environment with the game requiring you to carefully understand your surroundings to progress. Check out the captivating trailer and be sure to catch it in 2018!

4. Destiny 2

With narrative-driven trailers being the theme of this year’s Gamescom, Destiny 2 is no exception. Firstly, this action packed game entertains with its familiar quips and Deadpool-esque one-liners. But what’s clear in this trailer is a focus on the game’s story. The launch trailer sets up the narrative which moves to awesome fight scenes on an amazingly rendered, interplanetary backdrop. All these elements definitely make for a truly cinematic-level vignette!

Don’t want to miss a single minute of this epic journey? Be sure to put it on your Wishlist! In the meantime, check out Razer’s Destiny 2 set of peripherals and get geared up to forge your legacy.

5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Epic. Space. Battles. What more can I say? The highly anticipated addition to the Star Wars franchise did not disappoint with its action-packed trailer. With Star Wars Battlefront 2’s new Starfighter Assault mode, get thrown into a mad rush of crazy maneuvers and exciting chases for the Rebels or the Empire.  The game trailer left us beyond excited with its breathtaking action! This is definitely a game I can’t wait to get my hands on come 17th November.

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