Detention: Behind The Scenes

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes in developing a video game? Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of developing a game yourself. In our new series of interviews, we’re here to bring you an insight into the joys and challenges of developing a game and watching it come to life.

In the first of this series, we bring you an exclusive interview with the people behind one of our favorite indie games at E3, Detention. From the inspiration behind the game, to how video games have influenced the team, find out more on what it takes to make a unique and refreshing indie-horror!

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1. What’s the game about? Could you give us a short overview of the game and its main characters?

Detention is a 2D narrative-driven horror game with a dystopian story. It is set in a fictitious world of 1960s Taiwan. The story begins on a typhoon day, where two teenagers, Ray and Wei, meet and later realize they are trapped in a seemingly abandoned school. When finding the way out, mysteries behind the school are gradually unveiled.

2. Detention is unique in its setting of Taiwan and with all its Asian elements. What’s the inspiration behind making such a game?

It started out as a solo project by one of our co-founders Coffee Yao. The original idea was simple. Growing up playing and getting influenced by video games, it’s rather rare to stumble upon a title that represents our own culture. This thought inspired Coffee to tell a story of Taiwan. Thus, Detention was born.

3. Tell me about your team. What kind of talents are needed in developing a video game

Red Candle Games is formed by a group of creators. We all come from different backgrounds. There are programmers, artists, writers in the team. But in fact, when it comes to developing an indie title, most of the time you have to be a multi-tasker. Regardless of one’s background, we often find ourselves involved in and learning different aspects of game development at the same time. Most importantly, you have to have a passion in gaming. And that was what brought us together in the first place.

4. What are some of the greatest challenges in developing the game?

While developing Detention, each of us had a different image about the story. For example, Detention is a collaboration work of 6 people. At the same time, it means that we have 6 writers in the team. During the discussions, we often found ourselves having different understandings of how Ray would feel, and how the ending should be like. Most of the time the discussion led to arguments. Yet, thankfully the arguments also brought us to the same page and helped us to shape the outline of Detention.

5. What are some of your favorite games to play?

We play a variety of games, without any specific genre. I think the more you learn about game making, the more you’re able to appreciate the art and enjoy a wider collection of games. From adventure, FPS, simulations, strategy, platformers, to RPGs, etc., we love all games that bring players excitement, joy, and even those which sometimes leave a meaningful impact on the player.

6. How did video games influence you growing up? Did they affect your decision to make Detention?

As gamers and game developers, there are many games that influenced us deeply. For Detention in particular, I think you can easily find traces of other great games in it as well. From classic Japanese horror titles like the Silent Hill series, early Resident Evils, Clock Towers, to recent indie horror titles like The Cat Lady, Neverending Nightmares, Lone Survivors, and the list goes on. Those great games not only paved the way for us to build a game like Detention but inspired and cultivated us to do so.

7.You guys have been doing really well with this game! Are there any other games we can look forward to coming from your studio?

Currently we are working on the development of an upcoming title, Stay With Me. Just like Detention, it is a narrative-driven game. But this time, we want to build it on the mobile platform. With Stay With Me, we try to focus on the story and characters to craft a complete gaming experience on mobile. As everything is still in the development, we will announce more info about it once the game is polished enough and playable.

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